Jon has been my son’s saxophone instructor for the past 3 years, and I can’t speak highly enough about the experience. Jon is very patient and has a way of not only making my son pay attention but also eager to learn how to play. He has exceeded my expectations and more importantly, he has exceeded my son’s expectations. My son looks forward to his weekly lessons and has grown tremendously in his musical abilities. Jon is not only a gifted musician, but a gifted teacher as well. – Malini Sharma

“… Talented musicians are plentiful; accomplished music school graduates are also in pretty good supply. Having the two former attributes with the well forged, natural ability to be an empathetic, patient, caring, enthusiastic teacher is an uncommon hybrid. In the time that Jon Thompson has guided our eleven year old daughter from rank guitar newbie to eager guitar (and music!) enthusiast is striking – his musicianship and structure alone cannot account for her musical development. At an age when most kids run from instruction, Mariel looks forward to her weekly guitar classes with Jon in the way that a duck takes to water. Her weekly growth is striking; her confidence builds in step with her musicianship. While we’d like to offer that genes play a role in this, it’s of no doubt that Jon’s instruction, style, balance of fun with work and discovery, all delivered in an elegant, confident and caring manner are the real influences at work here. That he’s a terrifically nice guy and clearly a passionate, highly skilled musician ices an already rich cake.” – Paul Egan

My son Ben, who is now 13, has been taking guitar with Jon for over a year, and it’s been a fantastic experience for him.  We’ve had experience with a number of differnet music teachers with various instruments, but what has impressed me with Jon is how responsive and flexible Jon has been to Ben’s interests and abilities.  Instead of having a rigid series of lessons that Ben needed to master, Jon let Ben’s interests guide their work together.  The effect has been incredible–Ben’s progress has been huge, and guitar has become one of his favorite things to do in his free time.  We haven’t told Ben to practice for months, because he plays guitar for an hour or two each day for fun.  - Chris Cunningham

Jon has been our son Don’s music teacher for more than 5 years. They started on the sax and now are working on guitar. John has a terrific teaching style that inspires enthusiasm and confidence in his students. His love for music is apparent and infectious. Don’s ability and confidence has grown at an exponential rate. Don is now an accomplished guitar player. His training with Jon has allowed Don to branch out musically which has allowed him to pick up other instruments and play them well. Don now plays guitar, bass, piano and synthesizer and takes great pleasure doing so. Thank- you Jon for your skill, patience and kindness. We appreciate how you have helped our son grow in to a musically talented and diverse young man. We highly recommend Jon.  - Cathy and Peter McGrath

We are very happy to have found Jon to instruct our 13 year old son, Michael on the saxophone. Jon talents and instructional experience have contributed to noticeable improvement in Michael’s playing. He keeps him interested by incorporating different styles of music into the lesson every week. As a mother of three busy teens it’s very convenient to have the lessons in our home.  –Diane P.

Jon has been my son’s guitar teach for five years.  I have watched Cole grow from a  novice to a young man who is passionate about music and loves to play every day. Throughout the years Jon continually introduced Cole to a variety of musicians, bands, and different styles of music.   He taught Cole how to play a variety of guitars both acoustic and electric.  Jon’s lessons are very interactive.  He plays along with his students allowing improvisation to happen and encourages students to creatively grow as musicians.  Jon has been a tremendous mentor to my son.  His positive encouragement and support have helped my son build confidence, learn to appreciate music, and discover himself as an individual.  Jon not only is a teacher but also an artist who  continually performs and works on his own music.  I would highly recommend Jon as a teacher to all levels of students.  He makes learning an instrument a fun and  creative experience.  - Michele Mosner

“My daughter has been taking flute lessons with Jon for several years now.  He has an extensive musical background, and enjoys sharing his love of music with his students. He has always had a kind, easy going and patient manner with her.  As she has improved, Jon has encouraged her to learn musical pieces that most interest her – the results have been nothing but positive!  Jon is a dedicated, professional instructor and I highly recommend him.”Sally K. – Princeton, NJ