The Philadelphia City Paper

“Whatever you do, don’t get caught up in the argument over whether to call it jazz; genre is a limiting concept, after all, and useful only for record store clerks. Guitarist Matt Davis’ lovely new independently released CD floats between categories with effortless grace. Attempts at fusing styles often end more in collision than fusion, but there is no tension, no clash in Davis’ combination of string quartet with jazz musicians. The Metheny-ish chamber jazz of “These Are Whispers,” which serves as a foundation for a limber and inventive Davis solo, suddenly becomes a slow blues shuffle for Jon Thompson’s wistful soprano. “Song for Kate” kicks off as Appalachian bop before granting the strings some space for a solo dance, and finally halting for Thompson and Davis to flit around each other like butterflies. The keyword here is interaction, and the seemingly incongruous parts soon dissolve into a succession of fragile moments”

- The Philadelphia City Paper

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